Friday, October 9, 2009

5 Favorite Handmade Finds...

The holiday season is fast approaching! A few years ago I decided to get my Christmas shopping done before December and it's made things so much easier! Beating the seasonal rush just makes my heart sing!

So, to help those who might also want to begin a tradition of early planning, I'll be posting "Favorite Handmade Finds" each Friday from my own shopping searches. You just might discover the perfect gift for that special someone on your list!

Cute as a Button...could be there a more perfect name for this bag?!! I love the lines and Tweed is a fav!

Cute as a Button by Breagha

I love the elgance of this necklace! There's something about the mixture of chunky bobbles with delicate features. A must for anyone who loves jewelry!

Cute as a Button by Breagha

Oh my word! When I saw these eco dog coats I couldn't resist them!! I have two doxies myself and these look like my little Malone!! Of course, he wouldn't be caught dead in pink, but Annie's SweatShop has many colors that any dachshund would be proud to wear!

Eco Dog Coat by Annie's SweatShop

These rustic, yet whimsical pears would accent any home decor. Can't you just see them on a harvest table next to a flickering fireplace on a cool Autumn night?

Frayed Pear by Seven Sisters

This sweater looks more like a dessert than clothing!! The fun colors and flared lines just make me smile!

Green Tea and Raspberry Sweater by Secret Lentil


  1. Just found your blog from your facebook:) Nice selection of holiday gift ideas. Wish you a bundle of sales this holiday!

  2. I know!! They're so cute I have to keep going back to take a look!