Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More monograms on their way!

monogram stationeryI'm working on more monogram designs for the shop, so check back within the next few days to see the creations.

I love monogram stationery! Not sure why. Maybe it's a southern thing. I remember as a child going into my Grandparent's "pretty bathroom" and seeing those lovely hand towels with our monogram "Y." That bathroom felt so regal, so elegant. It was also the bathroom where the hand towels were reserved for special guests only. Don't use the towels!! tee-hee! We usually used the bathroom down the hall with the everyday towels. Did anyone else experience this growing up? So funny to think of it now.

But looking back I can see how that monogram respresented pride in one's family name. Not a boostful pride, but one that recognized the importance of legacy. For me, my monogram "Y" represents strength, honor, compassion, love, creativity and a willingness to help anyone in need. What does your monogram represent? What new legacy are you leaving to the world?


  1. You have some very nice cards. I really like your magnets as well.

    Best of luck with your new shop!

    DECA Candle and Bath

  2. Monograms are fun to play with -- nice cards!

  3. Beautiful cards! Such a lovely blog, I look forward to future posings!

  4. Wow!! I love these cards. All of your cards are awesome!!